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DJ Mark Almond -'s some pictures and background information of the career of DJ Mark Almond.

From the early days of DJ'ing his first appointment was the mobile disco circuit.

Having built his own twin deck unit and custom lightshow, Mark hit the road doing the usual crop of wedding, birthday and business functions, which despite his hatred of these type of events, gained valuable experience of entertaining a crowd and learning the craft of play lists and microphone skills.

The mobile status lasted a few years from 1979 (whilst still at school!!!) through to the early 80's.
Mark's first residency came from a youth centre, Bowes Lyon House. Booked every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday he is proud to this day of achieving the highest attendance figures for the centre in his final year - The under 18's loved his laid back style and "up for a laugh" attitude.

During an interview at the time on local station Chiltern Radio, he said "The crowd of teenagers come back each week, and are dished up a helping of current dance tunes as well as new imported dance tracks. I compile a dance chart that is the result of the kids voting for their favourite tunes, and makes them feel part of the club and part of a scene".

Mark, today likes to think he educated the hundreds of youths to appreciate dance music - Even introducing a roller disco every Thursday night (well, it was the 80's!!!).

As the 80's took hold Mark progressed to various clubs, such as Reflections, Bo Jangles, The Regal, Strebs, Castaways and Times Club. The latter part of the 80's and through to mid 90's he appeared as guest DJ at many outdoor events during the Rave and Acid House era, was proud to DJ at the trendy Camden Palace, North London and eventually settling into residencies at Fleks Niteclub, Hitchin and Beeches, Stevenage before guesting during the early days of the popular Pulse and Vogue Clubs.

DJ Mark Almond -, Mark has been seen around the London area in various clubs and bars as guest DJ, and as promoter of Club Classic theme nights along with long time DJ partner, Ivan Childs.

Mark spends more time nowadays in the studio producing mixes and recording dance artists, with some success on the dance charts.

Although as a DJ he's proved his ability to hold a crowd for any type of audience, Mark prefers to play his type of music, predominantly any genre of House, Garage, Trance, and Ambient. In private he loves good Soulful House and Ibiza chillout.

Mark currently teaches and holds regular seminars for DJ's on using technology in mixing and music creation, products such as Ableton Live, Maschine and Midi Controllers.

You can catch Mark currently every Thursday evening 7pm (UK time) with his Soulful House show on or through Google Smartspeaker (Just say "ALEXA, PLAY SG ONE Radio"). He also does regular tutorials on YouTube and several mixing compilations on MixCloud where several of his mixes are available to listen or download.


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