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Born in North London, Mark moved to Stevenage at a young age. Since then he's moved several times both North and South and currently based in Stevenage again.

Mixing live for the Crowd - DJ Mark AlmondDJ'ing became an interest at the age of 12, doing local fete and birthday parties for friends - with only one turntable and plenty of chat while changing records! Aged 14 he built his first twin deck unit, and by 16 had become keen on mixing records non-stop. At the time names big in the mixing arena were Froggy, Larry Levan and Shep Pettibone. Using fixed speed turntables Mark mastered the art of slowing and speeding up records to match bpm's by hand control only.

By the mid-80's Mark owned the Grand Groove Productions studio producing compilation dance mix tapes for leading clothes stores and themed pubs. Everything was edited on reel to reel tape decks (before the days of computers!).

1986 saw the publication of the first UK based magazine aimed purely at the mixing DJ, entitled, "BPM Chart Mag". With a subscription of over 250 readers it proved very popular among the DJ fraternity. During this time Mark wrote mix articles each month for the trade publication, DJ & Club Trade International, and appeared regularly in the pages of Blues & Soul magazine and Echoes.

DJ Dude Mark Almond Remixer and ProducerWorking on the Club circuit around North London and Hertfordshire for more than 20 years allowed Mark to gain experience of using both mixing and personality DJ'ing skills for various crowds during that time. He worked for Top Shop Radio in Brent Cross, along with several local radio outfits including STAR and Hardcore FM.

Mark was an early pioneer of using computers and software to create Acid House tracks and remixing dance classics such as Janet Jackson "When I think of You". Mix ideas from Mark have been used by other International DJ's and were played on Radio 1's Essential Selection with Pete Tong at the time.

Currently converting thousands of 12" vinyl to MP3 and CD as the turntables take a backseat and Mark concentrates on the CDJ technology, but will always have a soft spot for his SL1210's!

During the early part of the millenium years Mark took time out to concentrate on family commitments, but has continued to be involved in the studio and production side of the dance industry.

Mark is currently a teacher of Digital Music production and is a presenter every Thursday evening on Soul Vides Radio where he plays Soulful House.

You can read more details about Mark and his career on the Photos Page, the story continues...

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